People against the idea of storing nuclear waste in Saskatchewan staged a protest Friday at a gas station just outside Saskatoon.

The protesters want motorists to avoid buying gas at a station owned by the English River First Nation, a community that is in the running for a proposed nuclear waste storage site.

"We're hoping that people — motorists — that are going for the last weekend will boycott English River because they are one of the people who are vying to host a nuclear dump in northern Saskatchewan," Emil Bell, one of the protesters, told CBC News.

Bell added they hope the protest will catch the attention of the English River First Nation leadership.

He said they also hope the protest will influence other communities in the running as a storage location.

"I think the most important thing we want to accomplish is that we don't want a nuclear dump in northern Saskatchewan, or anywhere in Saskatchewan," he said.

More than 20 communities across the country are being considered as a location for a nuclear waste storage site.

It's expected to be several years before a site is chosen and developed.

With files from CBC's David Shield