Computers were on, mice were clicking, and codes were being ingested at the University of Saskatchewan for the Game with Us challenge over the weekend.

Programmers with different skill levels gathered for a Game Jam, where participants develop a video game over the span of 48 hours.

"One of the benefits of our game jam as opposed to other ones is that we provide tutorials so that people of all skill levels can join in," organizer Rodrigo Vicencio said.

"We have a couple high school kids here that have never programmed before that are making their first game. That's cool."

Rodrigo Vicencio

Organizer Rodrigo Vicencio says Game Jams are a great way to learn. (Sandra Sirois/CBC)

The U of S Game Jam began two years ago, inspired by similar competitions in Toronto and Vancouver.

"It's to get people who have a love of videogames, to get them together, have them collaborating, and sharing in the passion," Vicencio said.

Games can be simple or complicated depending on the skill levels of the programmers and at the end are judged on their game play, art and themes. Each winner receives a trophy.

Vincencio said there are also speakers throughout the weekend and opportunities to network.