Police say it's a chance to take a behind-the-scenes look at law enforcement in Saskatoon.

They're now taking applications for a 13-week course called the Community Police Academy.

The once-a-week program is run out of the police station and offers a mix of classroom and fieldwork. This includes ride-alongs, and stints in the communications centre and detention area.

Kelsie Fraser with the police says everyone from the explosives disposal unit to major crimes meet with the students.

"Canine will also come through, they'll bring a dog and talk about training and things like that. You'll get the traffic unit, you'll get some of our different units, major crimes, shocap, b-cap, targetted enforcement, you'll get an overarching picture of the Saskatoon Police Service,"she said.

The course starts in September and the force is accepting applications. People who are interested must be at least 19 years old, and have a criminal record check done.

Twenty-four applicants will be accepted. The deadline to enter is July 15.

This is the 11th year the force has offered the course.