Prince Albert man urges caution on Kijiji after motorcycle theft

Colin Dupuis says people using Kijiji should be careful of potential buyers.

Potential buyer took test drive and never came back

This motorcycle was stolen after it was posted for sale on Kijiji. (Colin Dupuis)

In hindsight, Colin Dupuis says maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let the guy interested in buying his motorcycle go for a test drive without first asking his name, or getting any collateral.

"He said he wanted to go for just a quick cruise around the block, (welive on a pretty quiet crescent there, he just took off and never came back," he said.

Dupuis lives in Prince Albert. Last month, he posted his 1983 Honda Nighthawk on Kijiji. 

Colin Dupuis (Facebook)
He got a call from a man who wanted to trade a van for the bike, but he declined. That triggered a back and forth, with the man agreeing to come by and perhaps negotiate a cash sale.
I typed in the phone number on Facebook and there smack dab he was.- Colin Dupuis

The first hint that everything wasn't right was when the man showed up on foot. Dupuis said that he gave "some sob story" about his van breaking down.

"I guess I was too trusting," he said.

The man left on the bike and never returned.

But Dupuis still had the man's phone number. He tried calling it, hoping to ask the man to simply give back the bike, but he said his calls were blocked.

So he turned sleuth.

"I typed in the phone number on Facebook and there smack dab he was," he said.

The suspect was eventually arrested in Melfort.

Dupuis never got his bike back. But he has advice for other sellers using the popular website.

"Get more info. You got to be more cautious, it doesn't matter if he tells you stories or not," he said.

"You can't trust everyone out there."