'Premier Wall' the horse gets ready to race in Saskatoon

Premier Wall is not just the name of Saskatchewan's leader.

The racehorse is a descendent of Northern Dancer

Jockey Orville Beckford rides Premier Wall. (Leisha Grebinski/CBC)


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Premier Wall is getting ready for a big race tonight, at Marquis Downs in Saskatoon.

The two-year-old gelding has placed second twice this season and he’s determined to win this race, his trainer, Pat Murphy told Saskatoon Morning.

The race horse may bear the same name as Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, but he wasn’t named after him, said owner Ed Esquirol. He’s the first born of a horse called C Wall.

But there are similarities, Esquirol said. 

“Like his namesake, he’s honest, he puts his cards on the table, he goes on the track and he gives it all he has every race he has, “ he said.  

“He has no bad habits. He’s a well put together animal.”

Murphy has a slightly different opinion of the Saskatchewan born, Saskatchewan raised gelding.

“He’ll give you a nip, every now and then," Murphy said. "This guy, he’s not quite as well behaved as Eddie puts on that he is."

Still, Premier Wall comes from good stock. He’s a descendent of Northern Dancer, one of the most influential sires in thoroughbred history.

Who's the quote about?

We've found a number of quotes from various media about Premier Brad Wall (the human) and Premier Wall (the horse). Can you tell which is which? Try our quiz!



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