More than 200 rural customers living east of Saskatoon had their power restored Friday afternoon.

Sask Power crews worked for the majority of the day to restore electricity to people living in or near more than six communities located near Saskatoon; all of which lost power in a severe lightning storm.

All customer's who receive power from Saskatoon Light and Power had their electricity back by 10 o'clock on Friday morning, according to the City of Saskatoon.

Crews with Saskatoon Light and Power were able to fix the issue that caused a large outage throughout parts of the city Thursday night, but the power once again went out in many neighbourhoods early Friday morning.

Trevor Bell with Saskatoon Light and Power says there was no significant damage to equipment.

"All the cause was a result of wind and rain. The rain makes the leaves heavier and the wind blows it around, hits the power lines and cause the system to go out," Bell said.

Sask Power said crews are still working to restore power to rural customers who live near Kindersley and Rosetown. It said it expects all power to be restored to rural customers throughout Saskatchewan by 8 p.m. Friday night.