Saskatoon’s Spring Pothole Blitz program, launched earlier this month, has been defeated by the return of rain and snow over the past few days.

City crews, however, are regrouping and are ready to fight potholes again.

In a news release, the city suggested that moisture from all the rain and snow has led to a brand new crop of potholes out on city streets. That means many of the main roads that have already been smoothed by pothole crews will have to be redone.

The pothole program reboot means that it will be some time before the crews can leave the priority one and two streets and turn their attention to other parts of the city.

Drivers are being encouraged to report potholes. The city, however, is asking that those reports not include areas where utility crews have had to dig up the road. The city suggested that those so-called “utility cuts” will be patched soon, again, beginning with the main roads.

Snow and rain also slowed down street sweepers and the schedule has been adjusted.

The city said that street sweeping can’t be done when there are pools of water on the streets.