Canada's political world has been buzzing after Premier Brad Wall's announcement that he's resigning as the leader of the Saskatchewan Party.

Wall has been premier for 10 years and is in his third term in office.

Many of the country's political leaders have been weighing in on the announcement, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Saskatchewan interim Opposition Leader Nicole Sarauer wished Wall and his family well.


So did current and past provincial party leaders from elsewhere in Canada.

Federal Opposition leader Andrew Scheer called Wall a "champion of the conservative movement."

Meanwhile, Wall was also lauded from the other side of the political aisle.

Sask. mayors weigh in

On the municipal front, mayors of Saskatchewan's largest cities said Wall will leave behind an important legacy

"He's moved our province ahead in so many ways," Regina Mayor Michael Fougere told reporters. "We're a have-province now, we have lots of wealth, our population growth that's happening in this province. We need to thank him for what he's done, because he's done a remarkable job."

Meanwhile, Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark said he had his differences with Wall, notably in recent funding changes to the province's towns and cities.

"I haven't agreed with every decision he's made," he said. 'But that never stopped us from being able to talk to each other and being able to deal with each other in our efforts, trying to do the best on behalf of our province and our communities."

Wall said he would stay on as premier until the party elects a new leader.