A City Hall spokesperson confirms that the Saskatoon Police Service is working with a man worried about unsafe drivers who speed past a park across the street from his home. 

'You kind of, you know, lose your sense of being safe' - Anatolie Bitca

Anatolie Bitca and his family live in on Stonebridge Common, a street that runs past a large urban park. Bitca worries about traffic in the area, suggesting that drivers are routinely speeding there. 

"With my kids, with the children that we have, I am right now quite afraid to leave them outside to play in front of the house."

Bitca decided to take action after a recent crash that sent a parked vehicle flying.

"After that you kind of, you know, lose the sense of being safe on the pathway for pedestrians."

Bitca and some of his neighbours worry that something like this could happen during the day, when there are children and families at the park.

That’s why he’s written to City Hall asking for speed bumps, or signs that will remind drivers to slow down in the area.

The letter was presented yesterday at a meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners.

Chief of Police Clive Weighill told board members that police are working with the individual to get the issue resolved.