Police say blood on ice is Myles MacIntosh's; man charged with assault

Police have charged a 33-year-old man with the alleged assault of Myles MacIntosh, who went missing earlier this month. Police have confirmed that blood found on ice was MacIntosh's.

Police have confirmed that blood found on ice of the South Saskatchewan River belonged to Myles MacIntosh and police have charged a 33-year-old male with aggravated assault in connection with the missing person investigation. 

MacIntosh, 28, was last seen on Feb. 1 at the Saskatoon bar Outlaws, where he and his friends had been celebrating his stag party. Originally from Nova ScotiaMacIntosh was supposed to get married this month.

"It's been very, very tough," said Kara Kohle, the sister of MacIntosh's fiancee. "I don't know if it's that much worse because it was supposed to be their wedding. I imagine no matter what, it would have been bad, but just the day of the wedding, to go out to the river to search for him, rather than getting ready for my sister's wedding, and his wedding, was probably the hardest part."

Altercation on bus

Police said that MacIntosh was asked to leave the bar following a disturbance. He then got on a pub crawl bus that was heading to an east-side bar. 

Myles MacIntosh was last seen at his own stag party at Outlaws bar on Feb. 1. (Courtesy Saskatoon Police )
Minutes later, at the corner of Lorne Avenue and 8th Street East, police were called to an altercation between two men on the same bus. 

Police believe one of those involved was MacIntosh. When officers arrived on scene, MacIntosh had left the scene already on foot. 

Kohle said that the people on the bus must have been upset because MacIntosh wasn't supposed to be on it.

"But from what I know on pub crawls, people are supposed to check your wristband or stamp before you get on the bus," she said. "So I'm assuming he got on the bus and then they realized it, and obviously somebody took offence to him being there. He didn't pay what they paid or whatever it was."

What the family wants to know is why MacIntosh was allegedly beat up, she said. 

Search for MacIntosh

Witnesses later reported seeing a man walk out into the river near the Sid Buckwold Bridge. A search was conducted but no one was located. 

Saskatoon Police located blood the next day on the ice and it has since been confirmed as MacIntosh's. 

Kohle described MacIntosh as a caring person, someone "who wouldn't hurt a fly, just laid back guy."

A nightclub bouncer, Scott Denny, 33, has been charged with aggravated assault and made a court appearance today. He remains in custody and a bail hearing is set for Monday.