Police investigate two Molotov cocktail attacks

Police are investigating two Molotov cocktail incidents a half hour apart in Saskatoon this morning.

Police believe same suspects may be responsible for both incidents.

People at this home awoke around 6 this morning, after someone threw a Molotov cocktail into a back bedroom. (CBC)

Police are investigating two incidents this morning involving Molotov cocktails tossed at homes.

Investigators believe the same suspects may be responsible for both attacks. One triggered a small fire, the second device broke but did not ignite. No one was injured in the attacks.

The first attack happened at about 6 a.m. CST at 336 Avenue J South.

Firefighters say someone tossed a flaming bottle filled with flammable liquid inside the bedroom window at the back of the house. Residents inside the home managed to extinguish the flames before they spread.

Twelve people had to leave the house, while fire crews responded. No one was injured. Police are now treating the backyard as a crime scene.

Damage was limited to the exterior of the house, and to one bedroom.

A half hour later, fire crews were called a few kilometres north to Stanley Place. There, a witness reported seeing a Molotov cocktail thrown at a home. It broke but did not ignite.

The witness also reported seeing three suspects – two men and a woman – drive away in a white, two-door car. The suspects are all described as being First Nations, in their early 20s.