john lake luring saskatoon

A student from John Lake elementary school says she was approached by two men in a black van.

Saskatoon police are investigating a potential child luring case near an elementary school.

On Tuesday afternoon, during the lunch hour, a student told staff at John Lake School she had been approached by two men in a black van.

The student refused, and ran away.

In a letter to parents, Saskatoon Public Schools praises the student, saying she did the right thing.

Police are looking into the matter, and said Tuesday they take every child luring case seriously.

"It's a matter of public safety," said spokesperson Kelsie Fraser. "We want to make sure everybody, including kids and adults and people out and about are safe. So, we take this very seriously." 

Police are asking students to always be on their guard when walking to school.

"We always encourage kids to walk in pairs," Fraser said. "Walk in the daylight where it's well lit, well populated, let somebody know where you're going."