Some parents of students at a Saskatoon high school are concerned about an alleged sexual assault.

This week, police have reported three complaints of suspicious activity, including an alleged sexual assault, from students at Walter Murray High School.

Alyson Edwards, spokesperson for the Saskatoon Police Service, said they're taking the accusations seriously.

"We've had people there in the last several days, for ten hours at a time, doing surveillance, going door to door, talking to people," Edwards said.


Saskatoon police have released this sketch of a sexual assault suspect.

Matt Price said his daughter attends Walter Murray and the news is disturbing to hear.

"It's kind of terrible for the kids," Price said. "I know kids have enough to deal with with school and whatnot, and concerns of personal safety just getting to and from school every morning, I don't think that's anything anyone wants to deal with."

Saskatoon police have released a sketch of a suspect in a sexual assault.