David Woods

David Woods arrives at court on April 29 in Saskatoon. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Saskatoon police say they found a number of suspicious items in David Woods' house after it was searched November 2011.

Woods is on trial for the first degree murder of his wife, Dorothy. Her body was discovered in January, 2012, south of Saskatoon. 

Police searching garbage bins behind Woods' house turned up a makeup case belonging to his wife. As well, a locked toolbox in the garage contained credit cards belonging to Dorothy, along with a large number of $20 bills.

Sergeant Dave Hudson, a lead investigator on the file, told members of the jury police also found a receipt for plastic sheeting, 50 feet of nylon rope and a hacksaw, purchased the day after Dorothy Woods was last seen alive.

Police interview

The day before the search, police conducted a videotaped interview with David Woods, asking him for more information on the whereabouts of his wife.

During the nearly two hour interview, Woods admitted to police he may sound a little 'cold' when asked where his wife might be.

Woods explained he believed she was likely with another man, and 'would turn up eventually.'

The accused told police at length about his crumbling relationship with his wife, and his suspicions that she was having an affair with another man.

According to Woods, the last time he saw his wife alive was the night of November 11. The couple sat down to watch a movie with their children. David Woods told police he went to bed early. When he woke up, at around three in the morning, he told police his wife was gone. 

Police asked Woods if it was suspicious that his wife would leave the house without her vehicle. He admitted that it was.

The trial is scheduled for four weeks.