Police discover body inside broken-down truck

Saskatoon police are investigating a suspicious death after officers discovered a man's body inside a broken-down truck late last night.

Patrol officers discoverd body on Circle Drive South and 11th Street

Police investigate how a man in this truck died. (CBC)

Saskatoon police are hoping an autopsy underway right now will shed some light on a grim roadside discovery overnight.

"There's a million questions to be answered now," said Alyson Edwards, who speaks for police.

"We're hoping the first – the big one – is going to be answered today, which is the cause of death."

Just before midnight, officers checking on a disabled truck on the shoulder of Circle Drive near the 11th Street exit discovered a man's body inside the cab.

One of the truck's rear wheels was detached and in the ditch.

By daybreak, accident reconstructionists were on the scene taking measurements and police were diverting traffic around the scene.

Without knowing how the man died, Edwards said police are classifying his death as suspicious.

Edwards said among the oustanding questions, police want to know: How long was the man there; was this a medical issue; was foul play involved; why was the truck apparently disabled on the side of the road; and where was the man going to, or coming from.