Police arrest man after standoff on Saskatoon's west side

A man was arrested after a long standoff on Saskatoon's west side.

Standoff on 22nd Street West lasts over six hours

Saskatoon Police shine a light through the front window of a home on the 1400 block of 22nd Street West. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

A man was arrested after a long standoff on Saskatoon's west side. 

Police took the man into custody without incident at 1:30 p.m. CST. He was transported to hospital for assessment and charges against him are pending. 

At about 7 a.m. CST, police received a call from a woman in the small bungalow in the 1400 block of 22nd Street West. She told police that a man was acting violently and might be armed with a knife. She made it out of the house without any injuries.

Close to a dozen officers and a K9 unit were on the scene, as well as the police Emergency Response Unit. Officers at points shone flashlights through a front window and shouted through a closed door in an attempt to negotiate with the man. 

Later, they were able to make direct contact as the man yelled profanities through a bathroom window.

Traffic has been reopened on the eastbound and westbound lanes of 22nd Street, between Avenues M and N.