One of the candidates running for leader of the federal NDP is backing a Regina MP's stance on a carbon border levy.

On Saturday, Peter Julian joined Erin Weir in Regina to endorse Weir's proposal on applying a border levy on goods being imported from countries that don't put a price on carbon.

"[It] would actually put Canadian products and products coming from other countries where there is no price on carbon basically in the same situation," Julian explained.

Erin Weir

The levy, first proposed by Regina MP Erin Weir, would put Canadian products and imported products "in the same situation" when it came to carbon pricing. (CBC)

That way, products made in other countries are subject to carbon pricing the same way products made in Canada are subject to carbon tax.

"Products can come in from outside of Canada where there is no price on carbon that actually have a competitive advantage on Canadian products."

Not only would this help Canadian jobs and the economy, Julian said it would also be a step towards fighting global emissions.