Patios on Saskatoon's Broadway make already 'horrible' parking situation even worse: store manager

The general manager of Oliv Tasting Room on Broadway Avenue says the three parking patios that have popped up on the busy street this year are costing his store some business.

Owner of business with a patio says they bring life and foot traffic to the street

Tim Bannan, the general manager of Oliv Tasting Room on Broadway Avenue, says the parking patios that have popped up on the street this year are costing him business. (Matthew Garand/CBC News)

The general manager of Saskatoon's Oliv Tasting Room on Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon says the three parking patios that have popped up on the busy street this year are costing his store some business.

"It keeps us from having people come in," said Tim Bannan.  

"My concern is that these patios are taking up valuable parking spots. Broadway area, on its best day, is horrible parking. So to remove three spots within a block of my store is definitely detrimental to my business."

Bannan said Oliv's July revenue was down $3,000 from the year before, which affects how many employees he can hire.

He blames the parking spots, one of which graces the street in front of his next-door neighbour, Museo Cafe.

One of the patios that's drawn Bannan's ire is located right next door to Oliv. (Guy Quenneville/CBC)

His views haven't made things awkward with his neighbours, he says, but "it should be a concern for everybody that is a store owner here on Broadway."

It's not for George Pantermanakis, the co-owner of The Burning Beard. The restaurant, located on the opposite side of Broadway, is one of three businesses with a parking patio on the street.

"He should mind his own business," said Pantermanakis of Bannan.

"It looks good. It's nice and artsy ... It used to be dead on Broadway after 6 p.m." Without the patios, Pantermanakis said, "business would be slower."

Construction necessary: BID

Bannan's frustration began last year when repaving work on Broadway clogged the street. This year, construction is underway on nearby 10th Street, normally a second option for people who can't find a parking spot on Broadway.

"Yes, there may be some impact to businesses because of those things, but we have to also maintain the street," said Troy Smith, the chair of the Broadway Improvement District. "Water main breaks, sewer issues don't serve anyone."

Construction work on 10th Avenue has blocked off what's normally a second option for drivers who can't find a parking spot on Broadway. (Guy Quenneville/CBC News)

"I understand that that stuff has to be done," said Bannan. "There's nothing you can do about it. But now that it's done, our store should be flourishing."

One woman parked on Broadway Friday afternoon admitted she was only there because she was picking her son up from a doctor's appointment.

Putting the patios aside, driver Dorrie Simonot says parking on Broadway in general is "a nightmare." (Guy Quenneville/CBC News)

"Other than that, we try to avoid Broadway at all costs," said Dorrie Simonot.

After seeing 10th Street was blocked off, "We lucked out and got this spot after lapping for about 10 minutes.

"It's a nightmare."

'Certainly welcome his input' 

Bannan stressed he's not against parking patios in themselves; he just wants to see them more tightly regulated.

"Somebody from the city [should] come down and check out an area before they allow these things or give out permits for them," he said.

YearNumber of parking patio licences issued by city Location
201521 on Broadway, 1 in Riversdale
201621 in Riversdale, 1 downtown
201763 on Broadway, 2 in Riversdale, 1 downtown

"There is an application process and a review process and all those things already in place so I can't really speak to the idea that they have to get up and spend a whole bunch of time on the street to make sure this is right," said Smith of the business improvement district.

"As long as it fits the requirements — and the  requirements are pretty narrow; you just can't put one wherever you want on the street — then it can be built."

Bannan will be addressing councillors sitting on the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services Monday morning at 9 a.m.

Three patios have popped up on Broadway this year, up from only one in 2015. None were installed last year as the city repaved the street. (Guy Quenneville/CBC News)

"I'd certainly welcome his input and the committee will be happy to hear from him," said Randy Grauer, the city's general manager of community services. "Typically, we've only heard from the one side, the proponents and people who really want to do it.

"I'm a civic administrator so I worry about things like lost revenue and so on, but we also want to have a vibrant community in the summertime."