Saskatoon’s Optimist Club wants to make winter in the city a little more radical.

Diefenbaker Park

Saskatoon's Diefennaker Park. (CBC)

 The club is pitching the idea of a tube hill and snowboarding park to be set-up at one of the city’s best tobogganing hills, Diefenbaker Park.

"This is something that has lacked in Saskatoon where people have a location where they are going to be able to go do a variety of outdoor winter activities in close proximity to where they live,” said project chair Robert Letts.T

The idea has been in the works for the past three years, but the Optimist Club is now ready to show everyone its plan for Diefenbaker Park.

Diefenbaker Park hill

The hill at Diefenbaker Park. (CBC)

 Snowboarding and tubing might seem like pursuits for the young. However, The Optimist Club has a vision of a family park where Grandparents come to watch their grandchildren play.

"We are planning on having it so that all age groups are going to be able to use this with their families. And in everybody's busy lives, this is a great way for people to balance their lives,” said Letts.

The Optimist Club will make its pitch to City Council tonight. 

If council approves of the idea, the club will then begin looking for major sponsors to help pay to for the park.