road work

Saskatoon is considering new pavement design guidelines. (CBC News)

For the first time ever, the City of Saskatoon has road crews working during evening hours on some construction projects.

Crews have already been busy at night repaving a stretch of College Drive, from McKercher Drive to Circle Drive.

The city noted another evening project, set to begin Thursday night, is the repaving of Circle Drive (northbound lanes) from College Drive to the Circle Drive Bridge.

The city says the new work schedule will be used for high-traffic streets "where economical and feasible".

In addition to evening hours, some roadways will see multiple crews working through a non-stop 24 hours to have a job done sooner.

"Evening work will reduce the impact to drivers and surrounding business and 24-hour cycles will allow the work to be completed quickly and efficiently, reducing the overall impact from associated road closures and detours," Chris Hallam, Saskatoon's Director of Construction and Design, said in a statement Thursday.

An upcoming example of an "evening only" job is the rehabilitation of 51st Street between Faithfull Avenue and Wanuskewin Drive. That work, which is set to start Sunday, will be done over the course of three weeks in the evening only.

Overall, according to the city, Saskatoon has a total of 178 kilometres of road to tend to this summer.

"By combining large projects into our road reconstruction contracts this year, our industry partners are able to provide workers for overnight shifts for projects on high-traffic streets, like Circle Drive and 51st Street," Hallam noted.

The city is also suggesting motorists subscribe to its Traffic Detour Service Alerts service.

Details are on the city's website.