New Saskatoon festival focusing on food trucks

The first annual Street Meet festival will be held in the city in September.

Street Food festival planned for September

Ace Burger is one of the trucks that will be showing up to this year's Street Meet festival. (David Shield, CBC)

Saskatoon's food trucks will soon have a festival named in their honour.

The first annual Street Meet festival will be held in the city in September.

"We just love the food, and we're hoping to build the culture," said organizer Chad Reynolds.

The festival will block off the street on Spadina Crescent between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, giving the city's food trucks a place to set up. Reynolds says he got the inspiration from similar festivals that have already been held in Calgary.

He plans to have a stage for local music acts to play on, and will also be setting up a beer garden.

"We had the idea to bring a bunch of local bands out, we've got the Saskatoon Showmobile, and the trucks are going to line the streets," Reynolds said. "We've got Spadina closed, and we'll just celebrate the food truck culture in town here." 

Reynolds and a partner have even set up a website devoted to the trucks,, that tracks the location of food trucks in the city, and gives people the chance to book the trucks for private functions.

The Street Meet festival will be held September 6th. 


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