The Saskatchewan NDP say, if elected, they will move spending from health-care administration to the front lines.

"New Democrats will trim spending on bloated health-care administration by $25 million per year and we will redirect every single penny to the front lines of care in our hospitals, our care homes, by hiring patient care staff like continuing care aids and nurses," NDP Leader Cam Broten said.

Broten made the announcement Sunday morning in Saskatoon.

He said the NDP has heard too many stories about short staffing in hospitals, care homes, and home care programs. He claimed short staffing has led to premature deaths in senior's care facilities.

"But you know what I've heard repeatedly from front-line workers? They say there always seems to be more money for managers and administrators to sit behind desks, but there never seems to be enough money for people providing hands-on care," Broten said.

"Just the last four years, the Sask. Party has increased spending on executives and senior managers by $25 million and spending on the government shared health administration organization has jumped by 70 per cent."

Broten added that there are also planned job cuts at health regions throughout the province.

Broten said the redistribution would be achieved through a variety of means including attrition, retirement, and moving people into different roles. Those decisions would be made through a consultation process.