Michelle Linklater

Michelle Linklater with daughters Jennica and Maegan (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC)

A hearing is scheduled today between a Vanscoy-area woman and the provincial labour standards division.

Michelle Linklater alleges her nanny was abusive to her 17-year-old daughter, who has autism.

However, after firing the nanny, she was told she would have to pay two weeks of severance pay.

While criminal charges against the nanny were stayed by prosecutors, Linklater doesn't think she should have to pay.

She believes she should have been able to immediately fire anyone for harming her daughter.

Linklater says she would like to see labour law changed to precisely define what constitutes firing someone for just cause.

Earlier, Labour Standards sent Linklater a letter, saying that there wasn't enough evidence to prove the firing was warranted.