Muhidiin Ahmed Farah arrested in Birks robbery case

Montreal detectives have arrested one of four suspects believed to have robbed a Birks jewellry store in Saskatoon.

28-year-old wanted on Canada-wide warrant

Thieves caught on tape at Birks. (Saskatoon Police)
Muhidiin Ahmed-Farah (Saskatoon police )
Montreal police have arrested a suspect in the robbery of the downtown Saskatoon Birks store earlier this year. 

Muhidiin Ahmed Farah, 28, was arrested on March 31 by police in Montreal. He's been transferred to Saskatoon and will be in court this morning.

In a bold daylight robbery, four men with crowbars smashed display cases and took off with jewellery and Rolex watches from the Birks store on February 1. 

The entire robbery was caught on surveillance tape.