The Saskatchewan Roughriders have opened their doors to give the public its first view of Riderville's futuristic new home.

The CFL team gave members of the media a tour of its $278-million new digs on the weekend.

From green-lit helmet boxes to a barber shop, the new facility aims to give the Roughriders a first-class facility that stacks up against the big schools and colleges where many of the players honed their skills.

Mosaic Stadium

Each player's locker includes a "jewel box" to store their helmet in vivid Rider green. (CBC News)

Jeremy O'Day, the assistant vice-president for the team, helped design the self-described "opulent" home for the players.

According to the Roughriders' website, O'Day visited pro and college football programs across North America to pick and choose ideas for the Saskatchewan stadium.

Features of the new stadium include a a 2,200 square-foot auditorium with 120 theatre-style seats. They face two projectors and a front wall that's also a whiteboard.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

The 2,200 square-foot auditorium with 120 theatre-style seats, which face two projectors and a front wall that’s also a whiteboard. (CBC News)

The building also has three hydrotherapy pools, a 4,450-square-foot locker room, indoor turf, doctors' offices, an X-ray room and a barber shop for players to cut each others' hair.  The training facility spans 5,400 square feet. 

Mosaic Stadium hydrotherapy tubs

The facility has three hydrotherapy tubs: a hot tub, a cold tub and one with an underwater treadmill for rehabilitation. (CBC News)

Riders of the past also live on at the stadium, looking down from the walls of separate meeting rooms for offence, defence and other positional groups.

The Riders play their first regular season game in the new venue on July 1.

Mosaic Stadium figures

Roughriders players immortalized at the new Mosaic Stadium. (CBC News)

New Mosaic stadium Regina

The field where all the action will happen when the new $278-million Mosaic Stadium opens in Regina. (CBC News)

Mosaic stadium Regina

The new Saskatchewan Roughriders locker room complete with "jewel boxes" for each player's helmet. The lockers even have a system to help eliminate odours from the shoulder pad and shoe boxes. (CBC News)

Mosaic Stadium grand staircase

Rider pride is larger than life at the new facility. (CBC News)

Mosaic Stadium

Artificial turf inside the Roughriders' equipment room at the new Mosaic Stadium. (CBC News)