It hasn't been a good week for Saskatoon's water mains.

Extreme cold weather is partly to blame according to the city, which says it usually expects one or two breaks per day at this time of year. 

Last week the city broke a new break record— counting seven water main breaks in 26 hours. Within the same time period this weekend, the city counted 11 water main breaks. Over the weekend, the city was hit with a total of 13 breaks from Friday evening until early Sunday afternoon.

Prepare in case of water outage

The city is reminding people to store extra drinking water as a precaution if:

  • water main breaks have happened near their home over the past few years
  • their neighbourhood is adjacent to a current water main break

The city recommends people store an extra 3.8 L of water per person or pet for each day for a total of three days if they live in an area where they could end up with a water main break. 

It has four trailers for emergency water supply that are rotated through areas with water service turned off. While the city says it aims to get emergency water trailers to areas within eight hours, it will likely take longer while workers are busy with so many extra breaks. The city also aims to restore regular water service within approximately 48 hours of turning it off. 

City expects breaks to slow with warmer weather

A city release sent Sunday says workers expect fewer instances of water main breaks as weather warms up over the next few weeks. 

The release also reminds people affected by water main breaks that workers are trying their best to make repairs at every site, and doing so in extremely cold conditions. They want Saskatoon residents to keep in mind that workers will be taking more breaks to stay warm as they work on the sites. 

Water outage locations on Sunday

As of Sunday afternoon, the city released a list of sites whose water service had been turned off:

  • 74 Phillips Crescent (water trailer on-site)
  • 2421 Ewart Avenue (water trailer on-site)
  • 500 block of 6th Street East (water trailer on-site)
  • 1300 7th Avenue North (water trailer on-site)
  • 2903 Ferguson Avenue
  • Diefenbaker Drive between Fairlight Drive and 22nd Street West
  • 300 Bate Crescent
  • 1326 Ave Y North
  • 3225 11th Street West
  • 141 Pacific Avenue

People in Saskatoon who need to report a break, or who have any questions are asked to call the Public Works call centre anytime at 306-975-2476.