More talks set for today in Saskatoon transit lockout

Talks are set to resume today between the City of Saskatoon and locked out transit workers.

Talks are set to resume today between the City of Saskatoon and locked out transit workers.

The issues, identified since the lockout began, continue to revolve around wages and pensions.

The most recent negotiations, which took place Monday, concluded without any announcements — from the city or the union — on whether or not any progress had been made.

Observers in the labour movement have criticized the city's moves, including the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour which issued a news release Monday with harsh words for what has happened.

"Since the City of Saskatoon instigated a wildcat lock-out of its transit workers, it has wasted nearly one million dollars on bus pass refunds and anti-worker advertisements,” Larry Hubich, president of the SFL said in the statement.

"Transit workers are our friends and neighbours," he added. "All they want is a fair deal and a better transit system for everyone."

Saskatoon's transit system, with the exception of services for the handicapped, has been shut down since Sept. 20.

The union for the workers, local 615 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, has also repeated its assertion that the city's pension plan is not in a deficit as the city insists.

A legal challenge is still before Saskatchewan's Labour Relations Board which has set Oct. 14 as the next day for the matter to be argued.


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