Mike Scott's message that 'Sober is Sexi' gives youth hope

Mike Scott is a motivational speaker who brings a message of hope to youth around the world.

Sturgeon Lake man takes message around the world

Mike Scott has an inspirational message for teens. (CBC)

When Mike Scott was 15 years old, he stayed up for nine days before finally crashing on a crystal meth bender.

By the time he was in his early 20s, he was lying in a hospital bed, dying as his organs shut down after a lifetime of booze and drugs,

But today, he's sober and sharing his message of hope,

"I'm not here to preach to you guys, to tell you don't drink and don't do drugs, because that choice is up to them, but I'm going to show you the reality of where it took me," he said.

There's so many bad things that come with it, just living recklessly.- Mike Scott

"There's so many bad things that come with it. Just living recklessly — it eventually catches up with you and you get in these bad situations all the time."

Scott is from the Sturgeon Lake First Nation, but these days, he's travelling the world as a motivational speaker.

'Sober is Sexi'

Scott now has a clothing line based on the motto 'Sober is Sexi.'  

He co-ordinates a Father, Mother and Drum group at Saskatoon's Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op on 20th Street and heads another group in Saskatoon called 'Oskapios Igniting Change', which is a group of young people wanting to give back to the community.

Next month, he's going to Hawaii for the Native Hawaiian Education Association annual convention.