A collision between a vehicle and two young cyclists has some people in Saskatoon's Mayfair neighbourhood calling for changes on their street.

Police were called to 37th Street and Avenue D North on Tuesday afternoon after a vehicle hit two young girls on their bikes.

Luckily, police said the kids suffered very minor injuries. Both were treated at the scene and released by EMS shortly after the collision.

Saskatoon pedestrian

A vehicle hit two young girls on their bikes at 37th Street and Avenue D North Tuesday afternoon. (Patrick Sauve/CBC)

However, several people who live in the area, including Gary Harbaruk, said changes are needed on his street. 

"Unfortunately something happened, but it could have been last year," Harbaruk said. "It could have been the year before. I don't want to say anything bad, but it wasn't very good planning to divert traffic onto a street where there's a water park."

Harbaruk said diverting traffic from Avenue C has resulted in a tragedy waiting to happen.

"Nobody slows down," he said. "They put in that diverter on Avenue C and 39th Street and they've diverted everybody by this water park and they come down here rush hour sometimes 70, 80 kilometres an hour. They don't even slow down. There's kids all over the place. Now you see what happens."

The intersection at 37th Street and Avenue D North does have yield signs, but Harbaruk said that's not enough to slow people down. He's hoping the city will, at the very least, put speed bumps in the area or reduce speed limits around the park.

Roxanne Schwark said she also sees vehicles racing down the street.

"Sometimes they hit that pothole so hard that they actually fly in the air," Schwark said. "There's kids everywhere. They don't look. They just run across and it was only matter of time before somebody got hit."