Max FineDay hosts `People of Canada` Twitter account

"The People of Canada" twitter account has a series of Canadians tweeting under that handle, in rotation. And this week, Saskatoon's Max FineDay adds his name to the list. He is the president of the U of S's student association.

Max FineDay joins long list of musicians, lawyers, teachers and other Canadians

University of Saskatchewan Students' Union president Max FineDay is hosting the People of Canada Twitter account this week. (@PeopleOfCanada (Twitter))

A Saskatoon man is the voice of Canada this week — at least on Twitter.

Max FineDay, the president of the University of Saskatchewan's student union, is currently running the People of Canada Twitter account.

For nearly two years, the account has been hosted by a rotating lineup of Twitter users from all walks of life, sharing stories from their corners of the country. 

FineDay told CBC's Saskatoon Morning that been talking a lot about his First Nations activism and has shared stories from his family's home on the Sweetgrass First Nation.

He's also tweeted about his experiences as the president of the students' union.

Makes people curious

FineDay said he's heard from followers of the account who've been inspired to explore their own communities, based on what he's tweeted.

"That's the real beauty of this Twitter account," FineDay said. "It makes people curious and it makes people hungry for knowledge." 

People have been tweeting him from as far away as Sweden and Australia, he added.

"Somebody tweeted me, 'What's the national dish of Canada? I'm coming there next week with my family.'  And, you know, I retweeted and there's been people giving all these answers," FineDay said.

"It's been pretty incredible."

Some of Max FineDay's tweets: