March planned for missing indigenous women in Saskatoon

A march is planned at Saskatoon's city hall to raise awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women.

People to gather at Saskatoon's city hall to raise awareness

Nichole Yamchuk has organized Saskatoon's First Annual Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

The 25-year-old was inspired to create a local event after her first-hand experience with a missing family member, who was recently proclaimed deceased.

The event will see Saskatoon join dozens of other Canadian cities who walk annually to remember missing and murdered Indigenous women on February 14.

Other events like the one planned for tonight have taken place in the city before. However, this is the first time a march has been held in solidarity with the rest of the country, on this date.

Yamchuk said she did it because no one else was planning it. She said she feels that political leaders and those in power are not doing enough to raise awareness about the many indigenous women who have gone missing here.

"I think that it affects everyone, whether you know someone or not," Yamchuk said.

The group's Facebook page has over 200 people confirming their attendance. They plan to meet at 6 p.m. at Saskatoon's City Hall.