Man charged in international abduction case fires lawyer

A man accused of taking his two-old-daughter while on trip to Ukraine is now representing himself in court.

Will be back in court in January

A Saskatoon man at the centre of an international child harbouring case is now flying solo in court, after firing his lawyer.

The 47-year-old is charged with taking his two-year-old daughter from her biological mother while on a trip to Ukraine. The man, who is married, is accused of taking the little girl from her Brazilian mother, Oziene Barbosa.

The child was eventually located in the Philippines and reunited safely with her mother.

The man was arrested and is now on remand at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre. He has already tried unsuccessfully for bail.

Yesterday, he fired his lawyer, and will return to court Jan. 13.

Alleged abduction played out on social media

The Brazilian woman, 25, had reported that the Saskatoon man had abducted their daughter in June when the three were in Ukraine.

She went public in Brazilian media with her story, pleading for the return of her daughter. 

Barbosa said she had originally met the man online and that she became pregnant when he travelled through Brazil. On a return trip, he convinced her to come to Ukraine. That's when he allegedly took the little girl.

Both Barbosa and the man have Facebook pages. The alleged abduction played out on the social media site with the man posting photos of himself with the little girl.

In several posts, he ridicules the Brazilian police and government.

The Saskatoon police became involved in the case in August after being contacted by Saskatchewan Justice.