Man accused of holding up Saskatoon cabbies in court today

A 27-year-old man accused of targetting Saskatoon cabbies in a series of armed robberies is in court today.

Armed robbery spree started in November

A 27-year-old man accused of targeting Saskatoon cab drivers in a series of armed robberies is in court today.

The robberies date back to early November. The most recent happened last weekend.

The suspect hired a taxi before showing a knife and taking the driver's cash. No one was injured during the robberies.

Police arrested the man Wednesday.

In November, a cab company manager told CBC that the string of robberies was reminder drivers need to be aware out on the streets.

"We do focus on safely and knowing your surroundings and knowing the things to do to try and minimize the risk,” said Troy Larmer with the United Group.

Larmer’s company already operates with cameras, and panic buttons in the cabs, and he says that has dramatically reduced the number of incidents his drivers have had to endure.