Lydia's Pub shuts its doors

Lydia's Pub, a popular live music venue on Broadway Avenue, closed on Monday.
Lydia's Pub, a popular live music venue on Broadway Avenue, closed on Monday. (Peter Mills/CBC)

After years of serving up live music and entertainment, Lydia's Pub in Saskatoon is closing.

The live music venue and bar closed for good on Monday. Matt Cheetham heard the rumours on Facebook, so he walked to Lydia's hoping for one last experience.

"I had heard for the last couple of months that it may close or it may be under new management, but it came as a complete shock," Cheetham said. "Had I known I would have come more. I would have brought buddies. It sucks because I'm moving in like three days."

Cheetham wasn't the only person in Saskatchewan shocked about Lydia's closing. Richard Blackburn and Kyon Hill worked at the bar, but they didn't find out it was closing until Monday afternoon.

"We just showed up today and the doors are locked," Blackburn said. "We decided to come down and take a look for ourselves and I guess the place is closed."

The owners of Lydia's released a statement on Facebook:

"There’s not much to say, or more to the point, there’s very little that can help dismiss or wish away the news that everyone is posting about. But it is true. Lydia’s has closed it’s doors, and it’s been a good, long run. Trying to answer anyone’s questions about explanations for the reasons is going to be futile. There are no immediate answers, and in the best possible way, all that can be said is there were a lot of good times, and we’d like to be remembered as that place where good times were had. Thanks, everyone. You all made it happen."

While the Broadway Avenue pub was known for hosting smaller concerts, some big name bands like the Sheepdogs got their start at Lydia's.

"When we were like nineteen we would go to Lydia's and joke about getting a lifetime ban because we were such rabble-rousers," Sheepdogs lead singer Ewan Currie said before playing a show on Broadway in May. "Next thing you know I was working there. Next thing you know we were playing there."

Fans of Lydia's took to social media to share their thoughts: