A Saskatoon-based vodka is getting some props for appearing in the new Netflix series, Altered Carbon.

"I'm surprised people noticed it because I was looking for it and it does make a brief appearance," said Michael Goldney, co-owner of Lucky Bastard Distillers.

He said almost exactly a year ago, an art director for the show — which is filmed in B.C.— saw the labels produced by the micro-distillery and had the props department reach out to the company.

"I said right away, 'We have no money for product placement if that's what you're looking for,'" Goldney laughed.

"I didn't realize this would be a very well-funded series — they really didn't need my money. They just needed me to sign a release and send them some bottles."

altered carbon

The props department of Altered Carbon sent Lucky Bastard Distillers a thank-you note. (Submitted by Michael Goldney)

He said since the first season hit Netflix at the beginning of February, viewers in the Bridge City have noticed Lucky Bastard's guest appearances.

"People have contacted us through social media," said Goldney.

"They're taking photos with their phones of the television and sending them to us."