Rain and lightning made Thursday night a wild one for emergency crews in Saskatoon.

'The whole house was just shaken' - Clyde Vanity

Among the calls they responded to was an attic fire in a house on 20th Street West, caused by a lightning strike.

All six occupants got out of the house safely, including 18-year-old Clyde Vanity.

"I mean the whole house was just shaken and then at the end of the day, like, my eyes were closed and all I could hear was the rumbling of the whole foundation of the house, basically," Vanity said.

His uncle Douglas Kenny was at a relative's house a couple of doors down, watching as firefighters worked on the two-storey structure as the rain poured down. 

"I don't know if we're going to be allowed back in our house or not til after they put that out 'cause it's probably going to flood upstairs." Kenny said. "And if it floods upstairs then it's going to flood downstairs too."

Fire battalion chief David Nahachewsky said damage was thought to be minimal, but crews were checking the house from top to bottom to make sure there weren't any flare-ups.

"Insulation is wood-chips and shavings, and that smoulders for a long time," Nahachewsky explained. "It (the lightning) followed electrical wiring so we're going to make sure it's not spreading anywhere else in the house."

Meanwhile emergency crews also responded to reports of downed trees and sparking power lines.