Lightning confirmed as cause of Cathedral Bluffs fire

Investigators say that a lightning bolt hit the chimney on a Cathedral Bluffs home and ignited a million dollar fire.

Bolt hit chimney and ignited roof

Lightning is to blame. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Investigators are confirming today what they suspected yesterday morning – that a lightning bolt started the fire that destroyed a home in Cathedral Bluffs Place.

Crews arrived at the home around 4 a.m. CST to find flames shooting into the sky.

Acting battalion chief David Nahachewsky said the first clue that lightning was the cause was that the fire was on the roof, but nowhere else below the roof line.

But that changed quickly as the flames hit the treated log walls.

No one was in the home at the time. A live natural gas line going into the house forced fire fighters to hose it down from a distance.

Nahachewsky said that, once the scene cooled, they determined that lightning hit the chimney. Two of the corners of the metal bracket securing the chimney had melted.

Damage is estimated at $1 million.