As the summer weather heats up in Saskatchewan, it's important to remember not to leave kids or pets unattended in vehicles.

This is especially true after the recent deaths of two Canadian children left in hot cars, one in Alberta and one in Ontario.

MD Ambulance spokesperson in Saskatoon, Troy Davies, compares a vehicle to a metal box left outside in the beating sun.

"There's zero airflow in there, and for an infant, it can be life threatening just due to the fact that they've only got so much fluid in their body to compensate for sweat and to cool themselves off, and when it gets to that point, it can become critical," he said. "It's horrible."

Davies said there isn't a safe amount of time to leave a child in a car.

"Especially with infants, they don't have that compensation to tell you, 'you know what, I don't feel good, I'm dizzy,' where a young person, they'll be able to communicate that with you," he said.

An open window isn't good enough

The Saskatoon SPCA recommends you leave your pet at home or take them with you rather than leaving them in a vehicle. Even leaving a window is rolled down in the car will not help an animal in a hot car. 

If you think your pet is experiencing heat stroke, the Saskatoon SPCA said to cool the animal off in cool water and take them immediately to a veterinarian.

Tips to keep your kids safe:

  1. Never leave your child alone in a car, even for a minute.
  2. Keep car doors locked when not in it so that kids don't get inside on their own.
  3. Create reminders by putting something in the back seat of your car that you'll need when you get out of the car, such as a purse, briefcase or cellphone. It is important if you're not following your normal routine.
  4. If you see a child alone in a car call 911.

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide