Lawyers in Doug Hales trial to debate Mr. Big on Aug. 29

Lawyers will argue Aug. 29 whether admissions made during a Mr. Big sting will stand.

Supreme Court ruling casts into doubt righteousness of investigative technique

Back in court Aug. 29 (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Lawyers in the Douglas Hales murder trial will be back arguing Mr. Big stings on August 29.

Originally, that was the day Justice Gerald Allbright was to give his judgment in the trial.

Instead, he'll hear submissions from Crown and defence.

The role played by a Mr. Big sting in the Hales case will be the subject of the special hearing. This follows a Supreme Court ruling that casts into doubt the propriety of the police investigative technique.

Hales is charged with killing Daleen Bosse at a bar where he worked as a bouncer. He was taken into custody after leading undercover officers to her body. Hales had been tricked by the cops into believing they were members of a criminal organization. 

During his trial, prosecutors said Hales killed the university student out of rage when she mocked his sexual impotence.

But the defence said Bosse died of alcohol poisoning and that Hales panicked and burned her body.

Allbright said "a significant ruling by the Supreme Court" triggered his decision to postpone his judgment.