A Saskatoon lawyer is raising objections about law enforcement.

'I've likened it to sounding like somebody having a lawnmower going outside of my house' - Jordan Derpak

Jordan Derpak thinks it’s a little too noisy. His concern, specifically, is with the Saskatoon police plane. Derpak lives in Nutana and believes the plane spends too much time buzzing over his neighbourhood.

Jordan Derpak

Saskatoon lawyer Jordan Derpak says the police plane wakes him up at night. (Courtesy Jordan Derpak)

"The sound of the plane constantly accelerating to change directions is loud enough to wake me out of my sleep with earplugs on, in the basement. I've likened it to sounding like somebody having a lawn mower going outside of my house."

Police plane is an effective crime fighting tool

Police are sympathetic to Derpak’s concerns.  

Spokesperson Alyson Edwards said the last thing police want to do is unnecessarily bother citizens.  But she said, police only use the plane when necessary. 

“If someone is hearing a plane over their neighbourhood chances are that the plane is involved in some sort of surveillance or some sort of criminal incident in which it’s trying to best locate the suspect involved, so it is for everyone’s safety not just for the immediate victim involved.”

Edwards said that in 2013, the police plane helped in 95 arrests, and that 48 of those suspects would have been able to escape without surveillance from above.

Saskatoon Police Car and Plane

(Courtesy Saskatoon Police Service )


Derpak said he’s heard these arguments before.

He has already written and number of letters to police and city hall. But he said, he’s spoken with his neighbours, and believes many of them are also frustrated with the noise. Now he would like to see more people in the city speak up.

"I can't be the only person in this town who has been sitting out in their yard on a warm summer night and the Saskatoon police comes by and you can't hold a conversation."

Edwards said police will listen to those complaints, and are constantly working to make sure the noise is kept to a minimum. At the same time, she said, it is an effective tool is keeping the city safe.

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