Rodney Parenteau

Berry farmer Rodney Parenteau is one of the local residents opposed to Fortune Minerals' metal refinery near Langham.

The province has approved Fortune Minerals' proposal to build a metal refinery near Langham, but a group comprised of people that live nearby say the fight isn't over. 

The group is worried environmental safeguards won't be enough to prevent contamination of water, soil and air.

"The environmental department received 247 opinions saying no this wasn't the way we wanted to go. So we did voice our concern I think quite strongly," said Ken Crush, who speaks for Fortune Minerals Issues Group.

The group is especially concerned about the company's plan to dump 158,000 tonnes of toxic waste into storage pits beside the plant, and to inject contaminated water underground.

"As a community we're saying maybe our environmental department needs to be boosted in terms of regulations because they're allowing things to happen that would not likely happen in other provinces," Crush said.

His group will now try to keep the RM of Corman Park from rezoning land for the project.

The company said it will establish an independent community-based monitoring program, to give area residents confidence that the new facility is meeting or exceeding all environmental standards.

"Saskatchewan has a rigorous environmental review process and we are pleased to have received approval to advance our project" said Robin Goad, Fortune's president and chief executive officer, in a written news release.

Fortune Minerals is hosting a public meeting in Langham on Feb. 19.