It has been almost one week since Rob Major lost his two sons and girlfriend to a tragic crash just outside of Langham, Sask., a town roughly 50 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon.

RCMP and first responders say a semi-trailer hauling cars had been traveling westbound on Highway 16, about 10 kilometres west of Langham, when the truck, carrying seven people, crossed the highway from a rural road and collided with the semi. 

"They were just heading north on the [rural route] 3083 there from his house up to Highway 16, and it was fairly reduced visibility," explained Rob Nicholls, owner of Offroad Exteriors Inc. Nicholls has known Major for about six years as his employer and friend.

"We've had some freeze and thaw the last few days, so I believe it created ice on those grids and in the areas too," Nicholls added.

'His whole world has been flipped upside-down.' - Rob Nicholls

He said the stop sign at the intersection signaling Major to halt his vehicle was buried under snow the morning leading up to the crash.

"What had happened was by the time [Major] had realized that the highway was there, it was too late and he went to apply the brakes and he had slid out into the highway and that's when they came into contact with the car hauler."

According to Nicholls, the woman who died was 26-year-old Kimberly Oliverio from Corman Park, while the two children were Brenden Major, 4, and Theodore Cardinal, 9, from Langham.

langham fatal

Brothers Brenden Major, Leland Major and Theodore Cardinal were involved in the crash outside of Langham, Sask. (Rob Nicholls)

He said among the others injured in the crash include Major's middle son, Leland Major, his nephew, Rilee Cardinal, and Major's employee, Scott Eckle.

"As far as I know now, Scott is in critical condition," said Nicholls. "He is making a little bit of progress, so we're just praying for Scott at this point."

As for Major, Nicholls says the driver is physically sore with a body full of fractured and broken bones.

Kimberly Oliverio

Kimberly Oliverio has been identified by a family friend of being one of the victims killed in a crash just outside of Langham, Sask. (Rob Nicholls)

"He's mobile right now which is a miracle, given the extent of the accident," said Nicholls. "He's going to need a few months minimum to start mending those injuries but he's expected to make a full recovery."

Nicholls said the mourning father of three is devastated.

"His whole world has been flipped upside-down" said Nicholls. "You know, given the circumstances of the injuries, the loss of children and the loss of his girlfriend — trying to cope with what has happened here has been horrible. He's [taking it] day-to-day in trying to get through it but, you know, he's had a pretty good support team around him and that's really necessary with now."

Nicholls has organized a steak night scheduled for Mar. 7 at Sports On Tap in Saskatoon to raise money to help with funeral costs and other expenses. 

RCMP have yet to verify the names of the deceased. They continue to investigate the crash.