Kyron Sollosy says attack 'changed me'

Just a few weeks after a near-fatal beating, Kyron Sollosy has made a remarkable recovery and is back at home.

Saskatoon teen didn't suffer brain damage despite near-fatal beating at Bishop Murray High School

Kyron Sollosy has made an amazing comeback from a severe assault, Kathy Fitzpatrick reports. 1:58

Just a few weeks after a near-fatal beating, KyronSollosy has made a remarkable recovery and is back at home.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all my family and friends who had me and my family in their thoughts and prayers," Kyron said. "Thank God for amazing support through my recovery."

After spending 17 days in a Saskatoon hospital, part of which was spent on life support, the 15-year-old is now back at home, expected to fully recover. He said he is "getting a little bit better."

Fractured skull

On February 25, Kyron was severely beaten outside of Bishop Murray school and left with a fractured skull.

It definitely has changed me. I don't want revenge. Basically all I want is justice.- Kyron Sollosy

Kyron said he remembers very little about the attack.

"What I saw wasn't nice," he said.

Kyron, 15, stayed in an induced coma for eight days in Saskatoon's pediatric intensive care unit, before waking on his own. 

"They thought I would have been in there for close to three months due to my condition when I went in there," he said. "When I woke up last Monday, it was like, 'What?' Twenty-two days later and I'm out here walking and just trying to get better."

Attack has 'changed me'

While Kyron is now recovering at home, he doesn't know when he'll be returning to school.

"It definitely has changed me," he said. "I don't want revenge. Basically all I want is justice."

A full recovery will take some time, Kyron said, but he is already thinking about how he can use this attack to help others.

"I want to go to high schools across Saskatchewan and just talk about my story and just tell them how it made me feel," he said. "Just slowly, slowly get better."

'A miracle'

Kyron's mother, Becky Sollosy, recalled arriving at the school that morning to find her son. 

"When I arrived at the school to pick Kyron up, I pulled up in the truck and noticed a child sitting on the sidewalk," she said. "It took me a second to absorb what I was seeing and then I noticed that it was Kyron's jacket.

Becky Sollosy says her son's rapid recovery has been 'miraculous'. (CBC)
I then ran across the street and then the whole time I was thinking, 'Oh boy, why would he have fainted?"

When Becky got closer, she found her son sitting in a pool of blood. 

"I just went in shock from that moment," she said.

His injuries were so bad, Becky said, that doctors gave Kyron a ten per cent chance of survival and a five per cent chance of coming out normal without brain damage.

She called her son's rapid recovery "nothing short of miraculous."

"He's back home," she said. "He's walking and talking. You would never, ever know."

Police still investigating

Major crimes officers with the Saskatoon Police Service continue to investigate the beating. No charges have been laid in the case. 

Kyron's family urged anyone with information about the attack to call Crime Stoppers.