Kyron Sollosy's grandmother said the teen was agitated the day he was attacked outside Bishop Murray High School.

Staff at the east-side school had called his mother to come and pick up the 15-year-old.

Bishop Murray High School

Bishop Murray High School (CBC)

"It's happened twice," said Audrey Kerslake.

"When Kyron gets agitated he needs a cool time, a down time, and it was just about the end of the class, anyway."

​Sollosy was attacked outside the school just after 3 p.m. CST on Tuesday.

"When his Mom got there, he was down on the ground and the ambulance hadn't arrived yet," Kerslake said.

Police are still investigating, but don't believe the attack was random.

Role of social media

Sollosy's family said they won't really know what happened until he regains consciousness. But they wonder what role social media specifically, Facebook may have played in the attack and his state of mind leading up to it.

Kerslake is worried about how people interact and speculate on social media. 

"Just stay off your Facebook and let the police do their job," she said.

"If you have any information, come forward to the police."