Krawchuk trial adjourned

The trial of a man accused of shooting his neighbours' puppy after it wandered on his land is adjourned

Closing arguments will be made on January 31

RCMP say they were called to a property in the RM of Grant April 11 and found a St. Bernard dog had been shot. (Submitted to CBC)


  • Date for closing arguments moved to Jan. 31

The fate of a couple accused in the shooting of their neighbours' dog has been postponed. Closing arguments in the Krawchuk case have been adjourned until January 31.

Eugene and Laurie Krawchuk are accused in the shooting of their neighbour's dog after it wandered on their land.

The husband and wife testified Wednesday in a Saskatoon courtroom, sharing their version of events.

Eugene Krawchuk told the court that he shot his neighbour's one-year-old St. Bernard, Bentley, last April. He testified that his wife Laurie alerted him to the situation on the afternoon of April 11, and told him to shoot the dog. He told the court that he loaded the .22-calibre rifle on the deck of his home before heading to his field where the dog was running loose.

Mr. Krawchuk said he decided to shoot the dog because it was chasing his five horses, llama and donkey in his field. He told the court that he did not help 17-year-old Lianne Price catch her dog and that he did not fire a warning shot before turning the gun on the dog.

After he shot the dog he told the court that he was verbally abused and assaulted by Michael Price, his neighbour and father of Lianne Price.

Krawchuk said Price punched his chest with both hands causing him to fall to one knee. He also testified that later Price put his foot on the back of his head while he was lying in the snow.

Laurie Krawchuk told the court that she was afraid the 45 kilogram St. Bernard was going to harm their animals.

Eugene Krawchuk faces two firearms charges and a charge of violating the Animal Protection Act. His wife, Laurie Krawchuk, also faces a firearm charge. 

Good lord, the neighbour's dog is attacking our animals.- Laurie Krawchuk
The couple lives on an acreage near St. Denis, northeast of Saskatoon. They share a fence line with the Price family who moved to the small acreage from England less than a decade ago.

Seventeen-year-old Lianne Price told the court Tuesday that her 45-kilogram puppy had strayed across the grid road on
Lianne Price said she saved her own money in order to purchase her St. Bernard, Bentley. (Fiona Price)
the afternoon of April 11. There had been a heavy snowfall the night before and the St. Bernard was able to get across a fence and into the Krawchuk's field, where there was a donkey and a llama.

She said the dog was following the donkey playfully when Eugene Krawchuk approached them with a rifle.

"Bentley went behind me and he tracked him with the rifle," she said. "The gun was pointed at my chest, and I screamed."

Eugene is charged with two firearms offences, and with violating the animal protection act. His wife, Laurie, is also charged with a single firearm offence.

Laurie Krawchuk gave a different account than what the Prices testified Tuesday.

She said the St. Bernard chased the Krawchuk's horses through heavy snow for about 20 minutes. She also testified that their donkey and alpaca both tried to lure the dog away from the horses.

"The dog kept lunging at our donkey's throat," she said.

She said that her husband shot the dog to protect their animals. She added that, at no point, did he point the rifle at Lianne Price.

She added that Michael Price -- Lianne's father -- threatened to kill her husband.