Saskatoon's Forestry Farm and Zoo is getting ready to showcase two big lizards.

The zoo recently received two Komodo dragons on loan from the Calgary Zoo.

"We have been very fortunate to work with zoos from across Canada over the years to bring unique species to Saskatoon, including the Komodo dragons," said zoo manager Tim Sinclair‑Smith in a press release.

"We are very excited to share the unique story of the Komodo dragons and provide an opportunity for visitors to get an up-close look at these larger-than-life lizards."

Komodo dragons are some of the largest lizards on earth, and can grow to three metres (10 feet) long. The giant lizards are very rare and are now only found on several islands in Indonesia.

The lizards, Thorn and Shruikan, will be living in the zoo's barn exhibit for the next year.

The new exhibit will be open to the public April 1.