Key witness absent at murder trial

David Ristow was supposed to testify today, but the prosecutor revealed Ristow is in hospital.

Murder trial hears previous testimony from man in intensive care

David Ristow was supposed to testify at Court of Queen's Bench in the first-degree murder trial of George Allgood.

A key witness who was scheduled to testify in a Saskatoon murder trial today is in hospital.

David Ristow was supposed to take the stand at Court of Queen's Bench in the first-degree murder trial of George Allgood. Allgood is also facing a charge of attempted murder.

On July 15, 2006, Ristow awoke to bullets raining through a window while he was sleeping next to his girlfriend, Susan Reinhardt.

Both suffered from bullet wounds, but Reinhardt died in hospital.

Today in court, prosecutor Robin Ritter revealed that Ristow is in hospital in serious but stable condition.

In court, Ritter said he has reason to believe Ristow may have harmed himself.

"I know that Mr. Ristow has been through more than most people can imagine, because of the nature of the injury that he suffered," he said. "He was shot with a shotgun, it was a very serious injury, and he lost the woman he loved."

With Ristow no longer expected to be able to testify during the trial, the prosecution is asking if Ristow's testimony given at a preliminary hearing can be used instead.

The court heard testimony Mr. Ristow made at a previous preliminary hearing.

In the hearing, Ristow said Allgood and Reinhardt had a rocky relationship, and often fought over custody of their son.

At one point, Ristow told the court his life had been seriously affected by the events.

"I don't think it's the stress of being shot, it's the stress of losing Susan," he said. "Life just hasn't been the same since."