Jury hears how David Woods focus of two investigations

Week two of the David Woods murder trial is underway with the Crown calling a police witness who linked Woods to two cases.

Missing person case overlapped with complaints of threatening texts

David Woods arriving at court. (CBC)

It started as a missing person case.

Dorothy Woods, a mother of two who ran a daycare from her east-side Saskatoon home, disappeared on the Remembrance Day weekend in 2011.

Her husband, David, reported her missing on Nov. 15.

But when David Woods returned to the police station two days later, he found himself caught up in another investigation.

Dorothy Woods leaving a bar the night she went missing. (Saskatoon Police)
David Woods is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife. His judge-and-jury trial at Court of Queen's Bench is now in its second week. The Crown is still calling witnesses.

This morning, jurors watched a 90 minute interview that Woods gave to Sgt. Bruce Gordon on Nov. 15. Gordon had been investigating complaints from a man named Derrick Brown, that he'd been getting threatening texts from a phone belonging to "Dot."

Police quickly determined that the texts to Brown were coming from Dorothy Woods's cell phone. They called in David Woods to account for his actions when the texts were sent.

This is just mind boggling.- David Woods

Woods admitted to sending texts to another of his wife's lovers in October, but he flatly denied sending text messages to Brown or knowing the whereabouts of his missing wife's phone.

Missing person posters went up across Western Canada. (Carter family)
Over the interview, Woods talked about the deteriorating state of his marriage and how he didn't really know where his wife spent her time.

"There's lots of guys. I'm not sure who she's sleeping with, and which are friends," he said in the interview.

Woods said that by the time the November long weekend arrived he knew that his marriage was effectively over.

Police seized his cell phone after the interview.

The trial continues.