Jury deliberations expected today in Woods murder trial

Jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the David Woods murder trial in Saskatoon.

Lawyers' final arguments heard yesterday in alleged wife-killing case

Jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the David Woods murder trial in Saskatoon.

Woods is accused of strangling his wife Dorothy, then dumping her body in a culvert south of the city, near Blackstrap Lake.

It's alleged he first hit her in the head to knock her out, tied her hands behind her back, then choked her with a rope.

Yesterday lawyers made their final arguments.

Daughter's testimony key to defence

For more than an hour, defence lawyer Michael Nolin raised questions about the Crown's evidence. He told the jury if no one knows where and when Dorothy Woods was killed, then no one can be sure who did it.

Nolin pointed to the testimony of David and Dorothy's daughter, Katelyn. On the last night Dorothy was home, Katelyn said she thought she heard her mother leave through the front door. She said she did not hear a struggle or fight.

Nolin said that evidence is "a big problem" for the prosecution.

He also questioned why no testing for DNA was done on the rope found around Dorothy's neck, and why no one tried to find fingerprints on the roll of tape allegedly used to wrap poly sheeting around her body. 

Defence argument: Woods framed

Nolin said there was evidence that the wounds on Dorothy's head could have bled a lot, even splattered. Yet police found no blood, nor the weapon used to hit her.

"It's really easy to frame anybody after the fact if you're not concerned where the murder scene is," he told the jury. 

However, Crown prosecutor Michael Segu said "the overwhelming direction of the evidence in this case leads to David Woods".

Segu noted that the black starfish ring David told police Dorothy was wearing the last night she was seen was found locked in a safe in his bedroom upstairs, but that Dorothy had not been upstairs.

Backyard alleged murder scene

The sound Katelyn heard late that night was the sound of her mother being struck, he argued. As for a struggle, there was nothing to hear, because Dorothy had been rendered unconscious by the blows, he continued.

Segu added that police who searched the house five days after she was last seen there did not have access to the back yard, where the Crown alleges Dorothy was killed. Segu said David hid her body under the stairs to the pool, until he could dump it outside the city.

Segu also questioned David Woods' credibility, saying the accused man is "grasping at straws" to explain his statements, and that his answers during court testimony "bordered on the fantastical".