The man accused of killing 35-year-old Johnathan Keenatch told a Saskatoon court he had never been to the 20th Street apartment building where the victim died.

Keith Napope, 31, is charged with robbery and manslaughter. He told the Court of Queen's Bench on Monday he had nothing to do with the stabbing death of Keenatch on Nov. 17, 2014.

Napope will be the defence's only witness.

The Crown's theory is that Keenatch died during a drug robbery gone bad.

Last week, various police officers who responded to the 911 call to the apartment testified about what they saw when they arrived.

Drug table

Police seized drugs and paraphenalia from Johnathan Keenatch's apartment. (Saskatoon Police Service)

Keenatch was bleeding and lying on the kitchen floor.

His distraught 95-year-old father was in a wheelchair in another room.

There were baggies of white powder, a razor blade and a scale on a living-room table. There was also a box of cellphones, as well as surveillance equipment, inside the apartment.

The trial continues.